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Sherlock's and John's mugs by HuoYaoRi Sherlock's and John's mugs by HuoYaoRi
Okey I know there is no Sherlock nor John appears on this art, but it is a scene I picked from a Sherlock fanfic. Original here:[link] the best Chinese Sherlock fanfic I've ever read.

Basically these mugs are gifts from Sarah, the one on left is for John and the other on is for Sherlock. John uses his mug a lot while Sherlock hardly uses it. Then for some reason(must be a case) Sherlock vanished, and since that it has been 6 months already. John is in a really bad mood, so Sarah visited him and tried to comfort him.

"She assumed the coffee must be in the other cupboard. She opened the door and stupified-there was a mug which had a hello kitty printed on it. She remembered giving the mugs to them-the one with teddy for her boyfriend, because he is lovely like her teddy bear; and the one with kitty for her boyfriend's roommate, because he's unlovely like a cat whose territory was invaded."

"Sarah's laid her hand on the cupboard door until she heared the water was boiling. She turned away to make coffee. Then she saw a mug with teddy bear beside the sink. The mug was half full of water so John must be still using it."

"...John only discovered this when he tired to make coffee on his own in the evening. He opened the cupboard, and stupfied as the vistor was earlier.
Sarah is a good girl, John thought, I lost her. But that might be good for her, because she honestly deserves someone much better then me.
--In the cupboard, the mugs with teddy and kitty were placed together, closely. Someone did this for some reason, like a secret and sweet wish."

I decide to draw it. Sorry for my damned English. If you find the above texts hard to understand it's all my fault.
Neckomewmew Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2012  Student General Artist
That's adorable...
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We meet again, Mr. Chinese. :iconwhyyounoplz:
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